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Sixth Form : Subject Choices 

Subject Choices and Learning Support
Correct subject choice is the key to Post 16 success. All students should seriously discuss their options with their teachers and those who know them well so that they make choices which play to their strengths. The option blocks can be found on this page below. As a student at St Marylebone School pupils can take one subject at another Westminster school as a member of the 6f partnership ( If you wish to do this to resolve a subject clash you should include this information explaining your reasons and aptitude for this form of study in your online application.
At St Marylebone students are taught in groups of between four and twenty-four, with the average class size being about sixteen. An experienced and highly talented group of learning support and EAL mentors are available for those who need extra help. All students also receive study skills classes and in Year 12 have five sessions of supervised study a week. We also have a special learning mentor for boys, who comprise about a third of the year group. All departments organise day trips and many residential activities, some of which are abroad to support classroom learning.
An important part of learning is assessment. We have a rigorous scheme of assessment and reporting which includes two academic review days. Guideline grades for university choice are given in June and A2 predicted grades in September.
However, whatever support and guidance the school can offer, much of Post 16 success is up to the student. To achieve his/her potential a student should be committing six hours per subject a week to private study.

Option Blocks Table (September 2018 Entry)
The PROVISIONAL Option Blocks Table for 2018 entry is shown below.
Students should choose 3 A Levels
Students predicted to achieve an APS (average points score) of 60 or above at GCSE will be able to enrol on 4 A Levels. 
Further Questions?
If you have any further questions about the curriculum at St Marylebone School, please contact John Reid  (

Optional PE Lessons
To help provide an opportunity for all students to maintain a healthy lifestyle, optional P.E. Lessons are also available to ALL Post 16 students during certain study periods.

Cost of Resources
Help may be available from the school for those who need it.
The school pays for the first sitting of all AS and A2 examinations. However, all resits and remarks must be paid for by the student.

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