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The St Marylebone SEND Offer 

Our Approach to Special Educational Needs and Disabilities

The SEND offer is an in-depth document detailing our approach to meeting the needs of SEND students and the range of resources we have. 
Our offer is informed by the new SEND Code of Practice 0-25 years: Statutory Guidance June 2014
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Questions and Answers for Parents
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How does St Marylebone meet the individual needs of students with SEND?
1. High quality classroom teaching and skilled differentiation
2. SEN Support 
3. Education, Health and Care Plan (EHCP)

What strategies and resources will the School use to support pupils with SEND?
The lists below give some examples of the resources and interventions that may be available to meet the individual needs of SEND students at each stage of need. This is a guide and not a definitive list.
1. High quality classroom teaching and skilled differentiation
2. SEN Support 
3. Education, Health and Care Plan 
The purpose of an EHCP 

Further Guidance for Parents... 
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1. Who should I talk to about my child’s difficulties with learning or SEND?
2. How will teaching be adapted to meet the needs of my child?
3. How are Marylebone teachers enabled to work with students with SEND? What training do they receive? 
4. How will we measure the progress of pupils with SEND?
5. What support do we have for parents / carers of students with SEND?
6. How is support funded and allocated to students with SEND? 
7. How will Marylebone help my child in transition between schools? 
8. How will my child be included in activities outside the classroom including school trips? 
9. What support will there be for my child’s happiness and well being at St Marylebone? 
10. How is St Marylebone’s site accessible to children with SEND?
11. How are pupils with SEND able to contribute their views? 
12. How can parents make a complaint if they are not happy about the provision made at the school for SEND? 

Roles and Responsibilities of the SEND Department
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1. The SEND team: SENCo, Specialist Dyslexia Teachers, Speech and Language Therapist, Learning Support Teachers and Assistants
2. The Deputy Headteacher (Pastoral and Safeguarding)
3. The SEND Governor
4. ALL teachers 

External Professional Testing and Examinations: Access Arrangements
‘Access Arrangements’ are reasonable adjustments made to the conditions under which a disabled candidate sits exams.  The Equality Act (2010) defines a disability as “a physical or mental impairment which causes substantial, long-term adverse effect on normal day to day activities”. 
At Key Stage 3, Access Arrangements are not regularly granted to St. Marylebone students in order that baseline performance can be accurately assessed.  In this way, the most effective intervention can be implemented.  In exceptional individual circumstances access arrangements may be considered. 
For external exams in KS4, any applications will be made in line with the current Joint Council of Qualifications Guidelines.  For more detail please contact our SENCo.

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